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PLA Filament Purple

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What is PLA?

PLA is thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch. In 2010, PLA had the second highest consumption volume of any bioplastic of the world.

PLA Filament

  • Lower melting point and better smell than ABS, flow rapidly, seldom blocking the nozzle
  • PLA Filament has small shrinkage even printing big size model
  • Good bio-degradation, good for environment
  • Variety colors available
  • Smokeless and tasteless, good for indoor printing, safe use for schools and crowded environment
  • Water absorption: very low, no bubbles in printed molds





  • A Kind Of Biodegradable Material.
  • Bury it In the Ground after Used Up, It Will Be Fully Biodegradabled By Microorganism.
  • The Carbon Dioxide Will Go Into Soil Organic Matter Directly Or Absorbed By Plants. Will Not Causing The Greenhouse effect
  • Good Mechanical Property And Physical Property
  • Thermostability. Processing Temperature: 190-220 Degree (374-428 Fahrenheit), Can Be Processed In Various Ways, Such As Spinning/Biaxial rawing/Injection-blow Molding And So On.
  • With Good Glossiness, Pellucidness, Antibacterial Property, Flame Retardance
  • Security. When Burn The PLA, The Combustion Heat Is The Same With Paper, A Half Of Polyethylene. It Will Not Produce Harmful And Poisonous Gas Such As Nitride, Sulfide, etc.


  • Automotive Field: Car Ottomans, Car Door, Rims,Saddle etc.
  • Disposable Products: Disposable Tableware, Packaging Material For Food etc.
  • Electronic Field: Components and Shell Of Laptop/Cell Phone, Shell Of DVD, PLA CD Disc.
  • Biological Medicine Field: Disposable Infusion Tools, Surgical Suture etc.
  • To be used with almost all 3D printers brands

    Material PLA

  • Print Temperature:190-220 Degree (374-428 Fahrenheit)
  • Support layer: optional
  • Diameter: 1.75MM/3mm
  • Net Weight :1KG(2.2lbs) Deviation: 2%
  • Gross Weight: 1.3KG(2.9lbs) Deviation: 2%
  • Accuracy: 1.75+/-0.1mm

    Available Colors

  • Red, Blue, Black, Natural, White, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple, and Orange.

RETURNS: No returns on open packages, and or sealed bag is broken


Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

Red, Blue, Black, Natural, White, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple, Orange


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