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Part Number: ABS-175-color
Packaging: Seal PE Vacuum  bag  and carton box



  1. Compressive strength higher, good toughness.
  2. Small density, save money when printing large volume model.
  3. Can be dealt with wide range of temperature, decrease cost.
  4. Diameter: 3.00mm, tolerance +/-0.1mm,roundness +/-0.05mm.
  5. Constant temperature and humidity of the Machining Environment.


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Product Description

Benefits of Orderly Coiled Filament

  • Filament coil out smoothly without entanglement
  • Straight filament without bending and deformation.


  • Higher accuracy and smoothness of printing objects
  • 100% free of nozzle blocking
  • High performance materials
  • High Diameter precision

    Available Colors

  • Color: Black, white, red, yellow, blue, light blue(or sky blue), orange, green, light green, fluorescence yellow, fluorescence green, purple, Violet, pink, brown, rose, red, gold, skin, wood, grey, silk, transparent/clear, Bronze, Natural, viridity, grass green, ivory, various transparent color and fluorescence color. more than 32 colors can be selected.


    Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging detail: Vacuum sealed with PE bag, each roll package in one small carton,12 roll package in a big carton.


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